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History of the St John Baptist Church Mentoring Program:

On May 23, 1992, the Board of Christian Education, located in Columbia, MD in Howard County, sponsored a church-wide volunteer institute. Reverend Dr. Clarence Newsome, Interim Pastor; Sister Harolyn Harrison, Director, Board of Christian Education (BCE) and other members of the BCE worked with Reverend Herbert Clinton, Associate Pastor, in planning the institute to address issues of social action and community outreach.

Discussions at the institute addressed socio – economic conditions plaguing many residents in Columbia. Participants identified areas of poverty throughout Howard County. County data presented at the institute convinced attendees that additional community outreach programs were needed. To this end, ten active church members who were particularly interested in working with children and youth formed the St John Baptist Church Core Mentoring Group.

The charge of this group was to develop and implement the first St John Baptist Church Mentoring Program. On the basis of the statistics reflecting circumstances affecting young African American males in the community, the Core Mentoring Group (CMG) decided the target population for mentoring would initially consist of young African American males (mentees) between the ages of ten and seventeen. (SJBC Man to Man Mentoring Program) The youth would be recruited from the St John Baptist Church’s Adopt-a-Family program roster. Highest priority would be given to siblings within the same family. The adult men recruited as mentors would also be African American and active members of the church congregation. Following several strategic planning sessions, the Core Mentoring Group designed the program’s organization structure. The chartered committees and their chairpersons were as follows:

    • Advertising and Selection: Harolyn C. Harrison and Johnny Mathews
    • Cultural: Bernetta Taylor
    • Counseling: LeeRoy Bronner and Dorothy Tucker
    • Employment: Nathaniel Alston
    • Program Coordinator: Barbara C. Miller and Clarke E. Gordon
    • Social Action: Clifton Felton
    • Spiritual: Harold Williams
    • Tutoring: Gertrude Frank

Early recruitment efforts resulted in ten men who volunteered to serve as mentors. They were quickly matched with ten youth. Additional church members volunteered to work on various committees to support the mentoring effort.

On September 26, 1992, the St John Baptist Church Man-to-Man Mentoring Program was officially launched with Reverend Herbert Clinton conducting the Commitment and Dedication Service. Adult mentors and the youth made a commitment to participate in the mentoring program for one year. The female component was launched in September 2005. (SJBC Woman to Woman Mentoring Program)


St John Baptist Church (SJBC) Mentoring Program

The SJBC Mentoring Program matches (one-on-one) caring, positive adult African American males and females (mentors) with young African American males and females (mentees). The program is designed to help mentees achieve a level of moral, educational, cultural and social awareness that will enable them to function responsibly in society.


The SJBC Mentoring Program’s mission is to enhance moral development, improve academic performance and school attendance, build strong self-confidence, and inspire positive behavior in young African American youth, thereby reducing delinquent activities.

SJBC Mentor

The SJBC mentor is an African American female or male role model, 25 years of age or older, who will help the mentee develop life skills necessary to reach his or her fullest potential.

The mentor is required to spend a minimum of 4 hours a month in person with their mentee and to consistently work with the mentee for at least ONE SCHOOL YEAR.

SJBC Mentee

The SJBC Mentoring Program targets African American youth in grades 6 through 12. Mentees come from a single headed (male or female) household and live in Howard County. The mentee must commit to participate in the mentoring program for ONE SCHOOL YEAR and agree to follow all of the program guidelines and standards.

Recruitment and Screening of Mentors

The SJBC Mentoring Program is based on the number of unmatched identified mentees. Potential mentors must submit a SJBC application, two letters of recommendation, undergo background criminal checks, interviews and supply evidence of character and reliability before acceptance into the program.

Officers / Infrastructure

Rev. Dr. Robert A. F. Turner, Pastor
Rev. Ostein Truitt, Asst. Pastor
Interim Executive Director
Associate Program Leader
Administrative Assistant
Rev. Regina L. Mitchell
Carolyn W. Gayle

Core Group Members Active
Career Awarenes
Counseling / Parent Liaison
Cultural and Social Awareness
Mentor Liaison (male)
Co-Mentor Liaison (male)
Mentor Liaison (female)
Co-Mentor Liaison (female)
Substance Abuse Awareness
Values Education (male)
Fund Raising
Program Advisor
Fund Developer / Advisor
Program Advisor
Academic Enrichment
Donna Givens
Dorothy Tucker
E. Marie Johnson
Trenessa Coffey-Annibal
Cecil Christian
Lyle Jones
Harolyn Harrison
Rae Lipscomb
Alex Green
Todd Givens
Harvey Moran
Barbara C. Miller
Joyce Henderson
Rev. Ostein Truitt, Assistant Pastor
Diane Martin

    2rd Tuesday of each month – Core Group Meeting – 7 p.m.

    1st Saturday – Female / Male Life Skills Session: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.

    Every Tuesday & Thursday – Academic enrichment / tutorial - 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

    3rd Tuesday – Parent and Guardian Meeting– 7 p.m.

    3rd Saturday – Mentors Meeting – 11 a.m. – 12 p.m.



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