Church Leadership


Rev. Sadie Woolford, Associate Pastor for Pastoral Care


  • Michelle RhodesBrown, Chairperson
  • Willaton Burns, Vice Chairperson
  • Harland Abraham, Treasurer
  • Rev. Reginal Mitchell, Assistant Treasurer
  • Aaron Lancaster – Financial Secretary
  • LeeRoy Bronner
  • Joseph Dixon
  • Reginald Dunn
  • Amma Felix
  • Rufus Frazier
  • Rev. Vincent Hodges
  • Diane Martin
  • Milton Richardson
  • Tatiana Gusler, Youth Member
  • Joshua Turner, Youth Member



  • Bruce Merrick, Chairperson
  • Kathleen Ridley Cheek, Vice Chairperson
  • Richard Shepherd, Secretary
  • Lyle Jones, Assistant Secretary
  • Shirley Alston, Emeritus
  • Thomas McClurkin, Emeritus
  • Ronald Colbert
  • Leonard Davis, Sr.
  • James Fitzpatrick
  • Adrienne Fleming
  • Walter Fredericks, Sr.
  • Marisa S. Gillum
  • Clarence Hall
  • Leonard Harper
  • William Harris
  • Harolyn Harrison
  • Henry Johnson
  • Raymond Johnson
  • Alfreda McCoy-Gwynn
  • Francelia McKindra
  • Alan Murrell
  • Dwayne Parker
  • Ernest Robb
  • Cassandra Robinson
  • A. Clinton Sellers
  • Ira Snell, III
  • Dorothy Tucker
  • Harold Williams


(Acts 6:1-7; Tim. 3:8-13)
Deacons are ministers, not administrators. Their role is to "come beside" their pastor, to assist him in ministering to the congregation and community. The ministry of Deacon is one of witness, sympathy and service. The duty of a Deacon is to care and nurture, to be a friend and comforter, to share the joy and wonderment of God's grace, love and blessings with all that they serve. 
Our deacons are available to assist members.  Regardless of your need, whether it is spiritual, sickness, financial, etc., please contact your deacon.
If you were unsuccessful in contacting your deacon, our Deacon Ministry Chairman, Bruce Merrick, would appreciate the opportunity to assist you. Please feel free to contact him at

Honor God with your wealth, and the first fruits of all your produce. - Proverbs 3:9

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