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God specifically tells us in His Word that financial giving is a form of worship. Because you give, we can point our hearts to Him in worship.


Through your giving, we are able to fund many initiatives focused specifically on proclaiming the Gospel so that others will know Him.


Fellowshipping is a huge part of our church and with your gifts we are able to celebrate together what God is doing in each other's lives.


God has given our church a huge heart for our community. From community forums to mentorship programs and more, your gifts enable us to be the hands and feet of Jesus.


There is so much need surrounding us, whether it be church members or neighbors who we have not met yet. We are grateful for those that give and enable us to meet those needs.


The cornerstone of our faith is to teach others about Christ. Discipleship can be facilitated through your faithful giving.


Watch this video to discover worship, evangelism, fellowship, outreach, caring for others, and discipleship through giving.

Honor God with your wealth, and the first fruits of all your produce.



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Is online giving at St John secure?
Yes! Our online giving through Push Pay is certified through the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS). You can rest easy knowing that your giving is completely secure. Click HERE to give now.

How do I create an online giving account?
It’s simple. Just click HERE to give now and set up your Pushpay account.  It shouldn’t take you more than a few minutes.

What end date should I use when scheduling my recurring donation?
Choose which date you would like to end your scheduled giving, we recommend “never”.

What do the giving categories mean? Which one should I select when giving?

  • TITHES: This is known as percentage giving, or what we call “give your first”.  Generosity becomes most meaningful when it’s a habit.  One of the best ways to develop that habit is what the Bible calls “tithing” – consistently giving a tenth of your income as a beginning point of generosity.
  • OFFERING: We sometimes call this prayerful giving.  Pray, listen, and give.  This is below or beyond a tithe.
  • MISSIONS: If you’d like to give directly towards our missions partners, you can.  
  • YOUTH ENHANCEMENT FUND: These funds go toward expanding our church for the future.

I’m not sure I’m ready to give. What should I do?
We recognize that giving is a big step. It can be scary and intimidating. But, we also believe that giving is an important part of spiritual growth, so we want to make it as unintimidating as possible. Therefore, we challenge you to take the 90-Day Tithe Challenge. Pray and make a commitment to give here at St John for 90 days, and if at the end of those three months you haven’t grown spiritually, feel free to stop tithing. What do you have to lose?


Honor God with your wealth, and the first fruits of all your produce. - Proverbs 3:9

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