Prayer Vigil Next Steps

November 30, 2016 Newsletter

On Fri., Nov. 18, at 6:30 p.m. we experienced a powerful Community Prayer Vigil called by Youth Pastor, Rev. Janelle Bruce to address concerns, feelings, and trauma many are feeling as a result of the November 8th election.  We were small in number, yet those attending were encouraged to know that prayer is powerful and through it God can enable us to address our concerns and not succumb to the negativity that surrounds us.

Prayer leads to action and we discussed a few next steps as we take a stand against any injustice that arises.  Below are some suggestions from Nicholas Kristof and Rev. Janelle.  Please read and see what you can do to make a difference.

A 12-Step Program for Responding to President-Elect Trump

By Nicholas Kristof

(Columnist for The Times since 2001)

Click link below to see the next steps many Americans can take as a result of the national election:

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Post-Election Follow-up Steps

By Rev. Janelle Bruce

  • Complete the following form to provide support to Howard County students on short notice for emergency situations:  


  • Email Rev. Janelle Bruce at if you’d like to provide support to Howard County students and follow her on twitter @RevJanelle_Esq for updates on direct actions within Howard County and our community.
  • Attend upcoming Board of Education meetings where the PATH Discrimination team will push for discrimination policy changes in HoCo Schools.
  • Follow Shaun King for national updates through NY Daily News and Twitter @ShaunKing
  • Donate to and join organizations such as NAACP, ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center and non-profits working to help immigrants.
  • Economic Empowerment – shop with black and minority owned businesses and refuse to give financial support to stores and establishments that support bigotry or promote hate.

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