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On this page you will find information that is relevant to your membership at St John Baptist Church.

Daniel Fast

For those of you taking part in the Daniel Fast please refer to the below information for guidance.  You are also invited to join the Daniel Fast group on Facebook at SJBC Churchwide Daniel Fast Group.   There you can share recipes, testimonies, post questions and prayer requests.

Daniel Fast Food List

21 Days of Power

rightnow MEDIA
As a gift to you SJBC is giving you free access to rightnow Media.  If you have never heard of rightnow Media, think of it as Netflix with Christian Bible Study tools. You can sign up to receive this gift right now - Click >> myfreegift to gain access to rightnow Media.

Mid Year Congregation Meeting - June 23 2018

2018 SJBC Church-Wide Priorities

  1. Develop and execute a process that mobilizes key stakeholders in the church and community to construct a 2018-2020 SJBC Strategic and Implementation Plan.
  2. Develop & execute 4 church-wide systems to include evangelism, assimilation, stewardship & evaluation to increase membership, ministry and stewardship engagement.
  3. Develop and manage a governance transition plan and compile a church-wide policies and procedures manual.
  4. Retain a marketing firm/specialist to develop and execute an internal and external communications/promotions plan for the church.
  5. Develop a facilities growth plan and capital campaign proposal to address our space limitations and growth requirements for our church.
  6. Design and execute a ministry management structure to facilitate increased coordination, efficiency and effectiveness.

Gant Chart - June 2018

The 2017 Annual Congregation Meeting was held March 10, 2018; 10 a.m.  The following information was presented.

Church Report

Annual Meeting Presentation

Approved Constitution and Bylaws - December 2017

Constitution and Bylaws Governing Principles (this document has been previously approved by the congregation)

Proposed Constitution and Bylaws Presentation from Nov. 16, 2017


Responses to Constitution and Bylaws Questions and Comments


Honor God with your wealth, and the first fruits of all your produce. - Proverbs 3:9

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